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Contaminated water treatment

M3R provided microbiological and molecular analysis services (NGS sequencing of the microbial community and quantitative-qPCR PCR of functional genes) for the characterization of groundwater contaminated by chlorinated solvents (TCE, DCE, vinyl chloride) and aromatic hydrocarbons ( BTEX). Through the characterization results it was possible to determine the potential of the microbial community in the degradation processes and thanks to the advice of our experts it was possible to support the drafting of an Operational Reclamation Project (POB) accepted by the competent bodies. To date M3R is involved in the implementation of a POB for the remediation of a contaminated aquifer in Lombardy.

Contaminated soils treatment

M3R has provided support and consultancy in bioremediation projects of soils contaminated with hydrocarbons, by carrying out the microbiological characterization of the soil using molecular biology techniques (NGS sequencing of the bacterial and fungal community) and ecotoxicological analyses. Through the interpretation of the results, M3R supported the design and execution of bioremediation pilot-scale tests in situ and ex situ using biopiles of soils contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons. M3R also provided its consultancy services for the drafting of remediation projects in Italy.

Microbiological analyses

M3R provided its service of NGS sequencing analysis of the bacterial, archaea and fungal communities in groundwater, soils and electrodes (graphite) in bioelectrochemical reactors. Furthermore, M3R performed quantitative PCR analysis (qPCR) for catabolic genes as markers of the degradation of specific pollutants (chlorinated solvents and hydrocarbons). Through the consulting and research & development service, M3R is able to provide customized solutions to our customer needs.

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