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Microbiological and molecular analyses

M3R offers molecular microbiological analyses service for the characterization of the microbial communities in different environmental matrices (soil, groundwater and air) and for the monitoring of biological degradation processes. These analyses are performed using innovative Molecular Biology techniques to evaluate the presence of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and archaea) that are metabolically interesting for environmental applications, namely to:


  • determine the biodegradation potential of a contaminated site;

  • monitor the biodegradation process of contaminants


Our laboratories are located in the Department of Environmental and Earth Sciences of the University of Milano-Bicocca and are equipped with cutting-edge instrumentations to carry out microbiological-molecular analyses.


Our services include the following analyses:


  • Enrichment and characterization of microbial strains with degradative capacity;

  • Genomic DNA and RNA extraction from environmental samples or microbial strains;

  • NGS gene sequencing for SSU or ITS (min 20,000 paired end reads 250x2);

  • Bioinformatics analysis and NGS gene sequencing data processing for SSU or ITS;

  • Gene copy number quantification by quantitative PCR (qPCR)


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